Working with Lori is a beautiful gift to myself.

“She is a master of shifting subtle energies and supports healing within in gentle and easeful ways that I have yet to experience with anyone else. Lori magnificently supports whatever healing I am in need of at the moment; be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. I am immensely grateful that Lori is sharing her gifts with me, with us all.”

– Amanda Hendricks, Cincinnati, Ohio

Lori’s touch is tender and deep and powerfully effective.

“A communication occurs between her as a channeling practitioner and my body’s energies because Lori knows exactly where to go next with her healing hands and what technique is required.

Whether I have gone to her for sore muscles, neck pain, elbow tendonitis, solar plexus tightness, or stressed emotional mess, I always leave her sessions rejuvenated, relaxed, grounded, and balanced. I trust Lori impeccably; she has even worked on my nine year old daughter who felt so comfortable she didn’t want to get off the table.

Always professional, combining massage, cranialsacral release, reiki, and who knows what other magic, Lori communicates what she is doing with confidence and grace.”

– Terri Burch, Teacher, Mother, Founder of Hoop Roots, Inc.